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This link gives a breif overview of Suceava County were our ancesteral village of Satu Mare is located.
The Bukovina Socioty site gives the history of the German Settlers in Bucovina who were moved there by the Austro-hungarian government. It is important to us because this program accelerated the occurance of a farm land shortage in Bucovina.and was therefore instrumental in our family's emmigration to America.
This site addresses the turbulent history of Romania. Warning, trying to understand Romanian history may give you a headache, relax there is no exam.
Apostle Saint Andrew, the founder of the Eastern church was the brother of the Apostle Saint Peter. While Peter set up shop in Rome, the communications hub of the Roman empire, brother Andrew set up shop in Byzantium/Constantinople/Istanbul on the Bosporus, the gateway to the Black Sea and the Orient. A great business model for a couple of fishermen without MBA's. It is said that Andrew, "Baptized in Romania," and was therefore the founder of the Romanian Orthadox Church.
People of Ancient Times